Fresh WTF Weekly: WTF Weekly 5

iTunes must die, iOS 13, Wisconsin gets the con in Foxconn, Facebook and Google are still creepy, and more! #286:【謝罪会見】ドリキン、怒涛の2週間を総括する

Fresh WTF Weekly: WTF Weekly 4

T2 performs, Netflix lacks courage, Japanese banks look at the calendar, AI knows when you’ll die, Xi creeps me out, and more!!

Fresh WTF Weekly: WTF Weekly 3

You probably thought I forgot this week’s WTF Weekly, didn’t you?

(I almost did)

Never point out that Steve Jobs was primarily an asshole.

I admire the guy’s accomplishments. I grew up watching the Apple and Microsoft wars and using Apple II’s and Macs.

Steve Jobs was still an asshole.

New WTF Weekly: WTF Weekly 2

Cardhop, viewer data privacy, GOP soul-selling, creepy Hinckley, TO THE MOON!! … and more.

Still Rendering // スティル・レンダリング エピソード2: 馴れ初めと遠距離リレーションシップ Danbo-Side #043:Appleの次の製品、サービスをDANBOさんと考える

WTF Weekly: WTF Weekly 1

Dead Cows, black boxes, iPads, security nightmares, and raging F1 drivers.

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