Mastodon was launched as a decentralized, social justice friendly Twitter alternative that was free of Nazis and harassment.

Its biggest instance is now Gab, a far-right social media network known widely as a gathering space for white supremacists.


THREAD (1/7) Although we were asked by @BMakuch to make a statement for his recent piece in @Motherboard we are appalled at the way in which Ben has taken up, uncritically, the claims of the far right social network and that the piece is in essence an advertisement for Gab.




Mastodon Was Designed to Be a Nazi-Free Twitter—Now It’s the Exact Opposite


BBCニュース - ピッツバーグ乱射、容疑者利用のSNSが利用不可に 関係企業が次々撤退


「この記事に書いてある『Alex Jonesはネオナチである』という説明は不適切だ。日本人はそのように捉えているのか?」





@blank71 I used google translate for this so please tell me this isnt what it said:

“Includes founder and conspiracy perpetrator Alex Jones of the neo-Nazi site ‘Daily Stormer’“ :waitwhaAkko: :waitwhaAkko: :waitwhaAkko: :waitwhaAkko:

I don't know about Gab who made it or who is operating it. And I can't understand what you want to say. (please introduce more easily...😭)

I'm Japanese and Gab doesn't known well in Japan. So I searched about it.

Gab has a lot of right wing conservative old people on it and a few nazis. It switched to the fediverse as a business decision. My main point when I replied was being confused as to why Japanese people would care about it and why they call 'Alex jones' a neonazi, which he is not. And why they're saying that he's part of the daily stormer, which he is also not. He has his own website called 'infowars'.

Japanese know why Gab started to use mastodon's code.

Many Japanese don't know and would not care about who is him, I think. Most of us only remember that Gab caused accidents.

@blank71 it didnt directly cause one. Just a user from there. The same can be said about twitter. It's just that twitter tries to keep its name clean by deleting 'questionable' content

well, Japanese know some user who was in Gab caused it.

I'm agree that Twitter or another SNS have some dangerous people too.


Mastodon は、オープンなウェブプロトコルを採用した、自由でオープンソースなソーシャルネットワークです。電子メールのような分散型の仕組みを採っています。